Viewing Parenting as Mentoring

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 Being a good, consistent, and loving parent is one of the most difficult things to do. When children around their parents for any period of time will see the weaknesses and shortcomings of their parents. The selfish, impatient, and tired sides of parents become very visible to children. But what is the solution to the old adage “do what I say and not what I do”?


In other words, can parents teach their children to be responsible, healthy individuals even when parents cannot fully model what they preach? Well, it is a hard thing to accomplish but it is possible. One way is to view parenting as mentoring. Here are some simple tips to help in your mentoring and parenting.


  • Children need to understand the consistent boundaries and rules of your household. In a world full of change, a parent and your home should be predictable, safe, and loyal.
  • No one enjoys being embarrassed or made fun of so try to be respectful to your child. Public shaming can deeply wound your child. It is vital to remember to take them aside and point out the error in private and not in front of all their friends.
  • Just because children are younger and less experienced does not mean that they can be easily fooled. When you are wrong, say so. The words “I was wrong and I am sorry” will mean a lot to them. Apologize often for it is a good thing to do.
  • When your child makes a mistake and requires discipline clearly outline what the expectations were. The position of the parent should be clear and simple and the basic rules around the home should not change.
  • When making plans involve your children in the decision making process. Ask for their views, take it into consideration, and treat their opinion as equally important.
  • Try to end personal hypocrisy. A living example of a good man or woman is worth more than words. Mentor your child through your example of good character and conduct. Your child will treat others as you—the parent—treat them.
  • Recognize the views and expressions of your child and give them praise for their efforts. Always tell them how much you love them!
  • Children need to trust and be able to count on their parents. Be loyal to them and show them that you are on their team. Cheer for them when they succeed and show love and concern when things don’t go as desired. The love from parents anchors a child in a fast- paced and changing world.


Kids ‘R’ Kids believes that happy, loved, connected children are destined for success in every facet of their lives. Our most cherished principle, “Hug First, Then Teach,” defines every aspect of who we are at Kids ‘R’ Kids. When it comes to teaching, Kids ‘R’ Kids understands the importance of involving families with their child’s developmental milestones and accomplishments. We hope you will drop by for a tour at one of our numerous locations throughout Houston! For more information please visit:


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