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With the start of school right around the corner, we thought we'd share an email sent by one of our friends. It's a reply to a group of friends, all of whom had children starting kindergarten on the same day.  This is an entirely true story although the names have been changed to protect the still somewhat traumatized.

Sent: Thursday, August 23m 10:29 AM
Subject: Re:  1st Day pics
Child Y'S  ARE ADORABLE!!! He does look so happy.  You need one as your screen saver.  I took some as well but don't have as many nor do I have pics of him working at his desk because it was impossible to take pictures and pry him off of me at the same time. Here's the rendition of our morning.
6AM - Child X comes bouncing into the kitchen all by himself excited about the first day of school.
6:30AM - Child X refuses to eat breakfast but promises to drink a yogurt shake on the way to work. Proves to be prophetic.
7:15AM - Leave for school. Spend car ride listening to Child X talk about how excited he is, how he loves his teacher, can't wait to buy lunch, etc.
7:40AM - Arrive at  school. Child X skips up to the school and high fives the principal.
7:45 - We go to the cafeteria and Child X says hi to his friends, still happy.
7:50 - Line up and begin walking  to go out to kindergarten rooms.
7:51 - Child X starts crying, says he's changed his mind and doesn't want to go to school anymore.
7:52 - Child X throws up all over the sidewalk causing entire kindergarten to make detour as he is third in line.
7:55 - Finish throwing up, go into classroom where he continues to cry, says he's nervous and scared of school and won't let go of me.
8:05 - Teacher begins class and calls them all into circle time, including me. Child X sits next to me,  we listen to the story about the raccoon while he cries intermittently.
8:15 - Story is over and Child X begins crying hysterically again.
8:20 - Counselor has been summoned and comes to the room.
8:25 - Counselor pries Child X off of me (I have bruises on the underside of my upper arm) and I leave the room with Child X crying and screaming at the top of his lungs  "it's rude of you to leave me here like this".
8:26 - Teacher walks me outside, gives me a hug and says a prayer while the janitor is cleaning up the throw up puddle.
9:00 - Counselor calls, says Child X is fine. Wants to know how I am and says she is starting a parents of new students support group based on the experience this morning.

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