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 A continual concern for parents is how to love their children well. A tried and true method is giving unconditional love. Unconditional love promises that you will show affection and tenderness toward your child no matter what they did, how big a mistake they made, or why they made that choice. Unconditional love results in care for your child regardless of circumstances for it is a promise to love them today, tomorrow, and forever. This is a very lofty goal.


The theoretical promise of love is one thing, and actually loving each day is another. So, how do you show love without strings attached? Well, this is a life long process of relational loyalty with no quick formula. Ultimately, love is not a checklist—it is a state of being. Here are some ideas to help practice love in your home.


·     Aim for an attitude of thankfulness and gratitude. Take time to remember how many wonderful things that life has provided for you. After a while, gratitude in your heart will come through even on the bad days and will provide a model for your children to follow.

·     Show love by hugging your child every day for a gentle touch can go a long way to express your care.

·     Tell your child specific things you like about their personality and character. When you see kind behavior make sure to reward your child with praise. For example, “Thank you for helping Joey up the stairs. I am proud of you for taking care of others.”

·     Tell your child how much they loved. Just a simple “I love you” will do.

·     At appropriate ages, foster “inside jokes” or stories within your family. Memorialize funny stories that you experienced together as this will create lasting bonds and a lot of laughs.

·     Take lots of photos, and view them after the fact. The photos can solidify your fun experiences together when your memory lapses.

·     Go on short trips. Fancy vacations are not necessary to create fun memories. A weekend camping, or a day trip to a museum allows your family to spend time in a new place.

·     Create family rhythms. For example, “family spaghetti night”, “family movie night”, “family frozen yogurt night”, or “family fashion show night” are good ways to develop a creative and fun environment in the home. Take time to brainstorm ideas for many activities will require no money.


Moreover, your child needs to know they are loved even though their behavior may not always be lovable. Good luck on being a consistent, loyal, and loving parent to your precious kids.  




Kids ‘R’ Kids believes that happy, loved, connected children are destined for success in every facet of their lives. Our most cherished principle, “Hug First, Then Teach,” defines every aspect of who we are at Kids ‘R’ Kids. When it comes to teaching, Kids ‘R’ Kids understands the importance of involving families with their child’s developmental milestones and accomplishments. We hope you will drop by for a tour at one of our numerous locations throughout Houston! For more information please visit:


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