Helping Your Child Develop Healthy Independence

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You might be intrigued at how early the development of your child’s independence starts. According to the article titles Developmental Milestones, “At around 6 or 7 months, your baby begins to realize that they are separate from you and that you can leave [them] alone.”  The baby realizes that they have their own hands and feet, both with which they can move about on their own. This does not mean, though, that they will want to be completely independent from you. The road from dependence to independence occurs in a series of stages and it is important that parents help baby through each stage.


Prepare for the road from dependence to independence:

     Decide now you want your child to become independent

     Resist your natural impulse to always help

     Allowing a child to struggle is one of the best ways to help develop their independence


If you do too much for your child, you will encourage dependence. Deciding now that you want your child to be independent will give you a head start in allowing your child to do things on their own. For instance, if your baby is struggling to reach a ball – don’t get it for them! If your child has a reasonable chance of getting it, let them try. Children need to work for that ball because as they do it progresses their developmental independence. Your “help” can interfere with their opportunity to struggle with the world.



      If you do it for him, they won't have to struggle

      If your child doesn't struggle a little, they won't learn to do it on their own

      If they don't learn to do it on their own, they won't develop independence

      Praising your child for trying is an excellent form of encouragement and makes the struggle worth the effort


One of the most important gifts you can offer your baby is the opportunity to become a person in their own right. It's never too soon to start helping him to develop independence.


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