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Developing Logical Thinking Skills

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Love Your Children Well

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Viewing Parenting as Mentoring

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Helping Your Child Develop Healthy Independence

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Separation Anxiety is Normal and Temporary

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Working on Your Child's Perceptual Motor Skills

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Right on Schedule

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Buy One, Give One

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Save It!

Posted by: Editor in Extreme CouponingcouponsClear Lake on

Our latest fascination stems from a show on TLC, Extreme Couponing. (No, we really don't participate in as much mindless activity as it would appear.)  In this show, shoppers have taken couponing to new heights, paying cents on the hundreds of dollars and acquiring household items and groceries for next to nothing. The individuals featured are a bit extreme (thus the show's title), spending as many waking hours as they do working to fulfill their coupon mission and renting storage units to house their scores. While I'm not sure we could or would take it quite that far (nor would we ever use a warehouse full of Neosporin), it's made us cognizant of just how much money we're throwing away by not making time to use coupons efficiently. And with the prices of everything going up these days, saving on items we'd buy anyway is little more than common sense. For those who say they truly don't have the time to clip, here's a tip: online coupons or coupons that can be loaded onto your grocery store card. Five minutes and you're done. I wish we could take credit for this discovery but we actually found it through, a.k.a. The Krazy Koupon Lady. We're just starting our savings this week, so we'll get back to you as to whether we're still as enthusiastic once we've made it through a few checkout lines. In the meantime, I'm sure we'll find a show chronicling the origins of hoarding baby items on wheels. 

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